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mercredi, décembre 20, 2006

Child Arrested After Opening Holiday Gift Early

Appeler la police si ton enfant ouvre ses cadeaux avant Noël! Tout semble possible chez nos amis du sud. Par chance, le jeune n'a pas fait de prison...

Le plus inquiétant dans cet article loufoque, c'est le sondage qui l'accompagne:

Do you support this woman's decision to call police on her son who opened his Christmas gift early?
Choice Votes Percentage of 68383 Votes
Yes 34047 50%
No 34336 50%

Child Arrested After Opening Holiday Gift Early

«What is the penalty for opening your Christmas presents too early?For one South Carolina 12-year-old, the penalty was arrest.

A Rock Hill, S.C., woman called police and asked them to arrest her son who opened a Christmas present early after being told not to, the Rock Hill Herald reported. Police went to the house and arrested the boy and charged him with petty larceny.

The paper reported that the boy's great-grandmother had specifically told him not to open his present, which contained a Nintendo Game Boy Advance. It was wrapped and lying under the Christmas tree, the police report stated.

But on Sunday morning, the gift was unwrapped and the box was empty. So when the boy's mother found out, she alerted police, the paper reported.

"He took it without permission. He wanted it. He just took it," the 63-year-old great-grandmother told the Herald.

The women said that the boy lied to them at first, saying he was unaware of where the video game system was. After threat of calling the police, the boy apparently gave the toy back to his mother, the paper reported.

But the upset mother called police anyway.
Two officers responded and charged the child as a juvenile with petty larceny, although he was not jailed. (...)»

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